The Beginning


I figure it’s about time we get this blog started. Though, I’m not entirely sure if we ourselves quite know what we’re doing with it yet. We’re going to figure it out as we go.


One of the reasons for starting now is mostly because it is Camp NaNoWriMo  this month, which Tara and I are both apart of. For myself, I started Camp NaNo exactly one year ago, which is also when I met Tara.  We were in the same cabin together and have been chatting ever since – in fact a number our cabin mates stuck together and we have our own little active online writing group right now. Anyways! After putting off this blog for a while now seemed like a good time to start!

As I said, we don’t know what we’ll do. Some posts will be about writing, maybe some with writing prompts, or about role-playing (tabletop and written), and we’ll just write about what we please!

Today though I’ll introduce you all to Camp NaNoWrimo.


Camp NaNoWriMo is an off shoot of NaNoWriMo — hold up wait what? What’s NaNoWriMo you ask? National Novel Writing Month. It happens in November every year where writers of all levels, and all genres, come together to attempt to write 50,000 words in one month! That averages about to about 1,667 words a day.

Craaaazy. Right. We know.

NaNoWriMo can be daunting for new writers, even for experienced writers. We ask ourselves, is it better to plan and outline? Or just dive in headfirst and be a pantser (as we like to call it)?  Either way we all know we need to write! A lot.


NaNoWriMo is great, because it allows for us to really buckle down and write. It gives you a goal and it gives you a community of people who are all working towards that common goal.

So what is camp then?

Camp NaNoWriMo can be considered a warm up. Writing is hard, it’s a hard habit to keep up and if you don’t make the time for it you might not get around to doing it. Writing is also like a sport. It requires training. You’re not going to write 1,667 words daily if you’re not prepared or use to it. It’s a push. Your creative mind needs to be exercised. The more you write and the more you do creative things with it – the better you’ll do at staying creative. And camp allows you do this. Camp doesn’t have a word goal of 50k. Instead, camp allows you to set you own word goal, so it’s less daunting. During Novemeber, everyone is in regions – so you can find writers in your area and perhaps go to Write In’s at coffee shops and meet fellow local writers. During camp months (April and July) You are put into cabins with 12 other writers. You can create and fill your own cabin, or you can be randomly assigned.

Take a look at a screen shot from my cabin this month:


There is a chat space for cabin mates to chat, and you can see on the side a list of cabin mates and their goals and novel titles. It’s a small little writing group for you to get your butt in gear and start trying to get into that habit of daily writing at a smaller goal of your choice. This is a warm up for November so when you’re given a goal of 50k it might not be as daunting.

And so that’s camp in a nutshell.

Harbin and I are both participating in camp and should in theory both be writing daily. I’ve got a break in school coming up and now seemed like the perfect time to start our blog project! As I said, I’m not sure what we’ll write about. Whatever suits our fancy I suppose! We’ll try to make it interesting though!

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We’ll try to get those active too!

~ Until next time ~





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