Books and Goals and a Happy New Year

Ahhh. Can you smell it? Can you feel it? Does it tingle in your nose and make your eyes water?

Yes. It’s the pungent aroma of a new year, all snug and cozy with new intentions. Which is exactly why I’m here, because this blog is all about doing things without thinking too much about them which I am pretty dang good at, sometimes. You know. If it’s not too scary. Or tiring. Or…well, a lot of things. But that’s what goals are for!

Enough rambling. We’re back, and you better make room on the couch because we plan to stick around. Isn’t that right, Air? So brace yourselves for some serious blogging–it’s about to get real up in here.

Do you like books? I do, and I like talking about them. Like, a lot. If you want to start a pretty much endless conversation up with me, just mention a book that I loved or that blew my mind and the spew of thoughts will just keep on coming. With that in mind I thought that I would take a wander down memory lane, or in other words, I would talk about books. Books that I read in 2016 that I loved, or that blew my mind, or that I think are worth mentioning for whatever other reason.

Some information that may be relevant to your decision about whether you will continue to read or not: I love fantasy most, I love books with a bit of cute romance, and my threshold for enjoying a book is very low. I enjoy a lot of terrible books. So there you go.

First up! Station Eleven.

station 11

This little beauty definitely falls under the “blew my mind” category. Station Eleven made a pretty notable appearance on the reading scene, which is how I heard about it. The jacket synopsis is accurate but also inaccurate, you know what I mean? It does not explain how you will start to wonder if reality has suddenly become a bizarre dystopian hellscape. It does not explain that the focus is not so much on a series of events, but a series of people and the meaning of humanity and civilization.

It’s not for everyone. It’s eerie and unsettling and at times disturbing but ALSO I’m quite certain some would honestly be bored out of their minds reading it. Still, it was definitely a favorite of mine and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to be immersed, even if the world is not always magic and love stories.

Next up: Illuminae.


How to even explain this book? I was so put off in the first couple of pages because of the format, so imagine my surprise when I ended up scarfing the whole thing down in less than 24 hours. I could not put it down. It is referred to as a “mixed media” book, because it is presented in the form of notes and emails and instant messages that have been “compiled.” When put together they reveal a sci-fantastic story about relationships and secrets and intrigue. The fact that all of this happens on spaceships is just a plus.

Last, but clearly not least: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Fellowship of the ring

Maybe it’s a bit silly to end with such a classic as this. So many people have already read it, and even more have definitely heard of it and could probably tell the story by heart. But here I am, doing it anyway!

Admitting that I read this book this year betrays how incomplete a Lord of the Rings fan I have been for years. Anyone that knows me knows that I love the Lord of the Rings and everything to do with it—it is my sweet sweet fandom, if you will. But I hid the dark truth of my lack of reading the books. It was easy. Most simply assumed I must have read them, so enamored was I with the world, the story, the characters. And finally this year I knew I could continue my deception no more. I finally read this book, and was relieved to discover that I LOVED it. I’d worried I’d find it too wordy or annoying or that I’d discover that the movies had changed so much of the book that they were a mere mockery of the true story. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it all, even the wordy parts, and yes—even the singing. The transition from book to screen was, in my opinion, done remarkably well, and I finished the Fellowship of the Ring eager to continue the journey.

These are only a few of the books I read (and loved) this year, but they stand out in my mind as really great literary experiences. I hope you’ve found something here that tickles your fancy and maybe, just maybe, is a future fav from your 2017 reading list. And if you had any awesome reads this year, share below! Book recommendations are always heartily welcomed here!



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