To plot or not to plot


So recently, I’ve been thinking. I have been thinking about my story that I’ve wanted to write for a while now and have entirely plotted out! In theory I should just be able to sit down and write.

But I don’t.

Is it because I’m lazy– maybe? Lacking motivation — probably. But why the lack of 0pku1vymotivation? Why don’t I just sit down and write it, especially when I think it will be a great story.

I’ve come to two conclusions.

First I’ve told too many people about the novel. I find that I lose interest in it when someone knows what I am writing. The problem is I feel bad not sharing what I am writing when other people are sharing with me. It’s not that I don’t want plot help, or character help.  It’s just that the moment I share my story I lose the urge to write it. I don’t know why.

Second, I am beginning to wondering if plotting is hindering me. I was recently chatting with a friend and they, like me, plot out their entire novel. I have mine tacked to the wall, several sheets of paper long and covered in sticky notes. They also used physical paper and cue cards before moving it over onto their computer. Both of us plotted the story from start to finish, and then we both got stuck and lost the will to write it.

So does plotting hinder us? If we know everything that is going to happen – beginning, giphymiddle, end and how to get there do we lose some of the sense of discovery that comes with writing and then get bored with the prospect of writing?

And if it is boredom or the fact that we already feel we know everything and therefore have no need to write – how do we over come that?

My friend went back to a second project she had on the go that she had gotten stuck on and she found that she was able to suddenly dive in and write a lot for that one. I don’t have multiple projects on the go… and maybe I should consider it. However lately I’ve had trouble thinking of any story ideas!

So I guess I shall ponder – do I step away entirely from my novel, give it a rest and leave it be. Or do I fold up the plot, stick it in a drawer and ignore it? Start without it, don’t reference it and just write.  And if I do come up with a story idea should I try just… winging it? No plotting next time? I love plotting though and I love drawing out plot graphs. So I think I shall have to ponder it all a bit more.

If anyone has any suggestions though feel free to toss them my way! Do you plot? Do you just write and hope for the best? If you do plot do you feel it ever takes away from your sense of discovery and the fun in writing the story? Tell me!



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