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Let the games begin!

Before I dive in with too much board game chatter, it’s important that people know what I am talking about! For this we turn to gaming resources. These are resources that help us understand what the game is about and help us determine whether or not we want to play it. There are TONS out there.

For this post I’ll be writing a resource review about a website I stumbled upon recently!


gyxhj35 is a website dedicated to board games. It allows individuals at any gaming level to come and discover new games.  You can visit at: but follow along with my post and I’ll point out some of its key features!

The website covers a wide range of information and presents it in a colorful and fun way. In fact, it’s a game in itself! As a website they have a “Mission of Epicness” which is pretty epic.


Gaming is for everyone and because they believe it is, their site is aimed at everyone. They make it fun while focusing on quality and making sure that there is an ease to navigating their site. It is also a community hub for board gamers to come and let their voice be heard. They also cover a little bit of everything from gaming news, to the games themselves and how to play them, along with reviews. Videos and other instructions are provided both from a professional level but also from the users who offer tips and help!

So let’s take a look at what they offer:


In their HOME tab is their main page where users will find lists of the hottest or newest games, along with featured games. In the GAMES tab you’ll find all the games. There isn’t really an order to the games listed which means it’s easier to find a specific game by using the search bar on the right side. If you put in something as basic as Settlers of Catan, you will get Catan and ALL its expansions, which for some games can mean scrolling till you find the exact one you’re looking for. The NEWS tab has gaming news, the REVIEWS tab is reviews from users and publishers. GAMERS and QUESTS is where registered users “gamers” can learn about what they can do, and how they can earn points and rewards. As mentioned this is a game in itself! They give you quests to complete to encourage user activity on the site.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the information they offer on a game. For this I chose Ticket to Ride. As you can see in the picture below they give publishing information along with the number of players, the recommend age and playing time. You can also see where the reviews, game tips and discussion sections are. On the right side you can see the user score, and the recommendations. divides gamers into six categories (more on this later).


Following all that information you get the reviews from the site, the publisher’s overview and how-to-play videos, which are often links to other gaming resources such as TableTop by Geek and Sundry.


After the very extensive BG review (though the level of extensiveness varies for each game), we get the six categories of gamers. The site goes through each one to determine if the game is right for that particular gamer and gives a reason for their choice.


Lastly, we get our user reviews.


That’s the site in a nutshell. It has a lot of offer. Overall, I found this site to be very useful. Some drawbacks I found were that not every game had the same level of depth in the reviews/overview given, nor did all contain information on who would enjoy it. But the games that are well-explained offer a lot! Including information on the learning curve you may have when playing the game.

I would recommend this resource for anyone who is new to gaming, the layout of the site is easy to navigate and the explanations are at a level anyone even – a new gamer – can understand. The graphics are colorful and the artwork is great. It’s a great community and allows for anyone to jump in and find what they are looking for to get started with games. Especially as it links to other gaming resources, which is really helpful!

They get 4/5 stars from me!





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