Camp NaNoWriMo ~ April 2017


It’s that time of year again!

Twice a year, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) holds camp. Camp takes place in April and July and it’s pretty much simply a precursor to their big November event. November asks that your write 50k in a month, and you don’t get to set your goal. 50k is the goal. The end. For camp, however you can set your own goal!

This year they’ve even changed it up a little so that you can do more than just word count, you can aim for a goal in hours, lines, or even pages. My tentative goal at the moment is 20,000 words but I am debating changing it to hours and spend my time focusing on research for a novel I’d like to write.

That’s another great thing about camp, you don’t have to write a novel (which November sort of says you do — you don’t have to than either but that’s sort of the point). For camp, you can focus on world-building, researching, prep of any sort, editing, old projects, new projects, multiple projects — etc.! I think you get the point by now but camp is just sort of training for November. It is meant to get you thinking about your writing and maybe writing daily. It’s to warm up your fingers and your mind before November roles around!

I feel as though I like camp better then NaNo itself. Cabins are 20 people this year instead of 12 and I find that the closeness of having a cabin is much nicer than being part of a region (see my last post on camp).

This year camp’s theme is also really awesome. They are doing mythical beasts and here are a few they’ve shown so far:

(Click on the image to see them full size!)

We have the Block Ness Monster, Darewolf, Chore Grizzly, Guilt Monkey and Plot Bunny. NaNoWriMo has been posting them every few days on their Twitter. It’s creative

So, that’s a little bit about camp!

The novel I’m thinking about working on is up in the air entirely… I have a lot of ideas and some I’ve even started working on but nothing finished and no idea what to settle on for this month. It might be a month to just mix and match and work on whatever I feel inspired to work on at the time being, we shall see! Look out for an update when I finally decide.

Also some exciting news! We are being joined by Brogums and Emador and we’re changing up our blog a little. We have lots of great ideas for content so be on the look out for new blog posts and be sure to follow us on social media!



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