Eliza and Her Monsters



Omg. This book. I loved it!

It was very relatable in so many ways and on so many levels!! ❤

*Is still on a book high from this book*

I’m going through ALL THE FEELS right now!!! lol


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In short, this book follows eighteen-year-old high school senior Eliza Mirk.  By day, when she’s forced to live in the real world she is considered to be shy, awkward, weird, smart, and friendless, but by night, she’s known as LadyConstellation, the anonymous creator of a very popular and successful webcomic, Monstrous Sea, which has millions of fans.  Eliza is content with her online life and online friendships instead of making those connections in real life.  That is until the new guy transfers into her class, Wallace Warland, and Eliza begins to wonder if a life offline might be worthwhile.  

Eliza and Her Monsters is so much more than that though and there’s so much more to it, but I don’t want to spoil anything!  The hardcover edition of this is 400 pages and even though I’m usually a slow reader I DEVOURED this book in two days!  Once I started I couldn’t put it down and things moved fairly quickly.  Zappia’s writing hooked me right from the start and was addictive and hard to put down.

It made me laugh out loud at parts, tear up/cry, and want to scream, shout, and shake both of the two main characters at times, but also want to give them both hugs and let them know that everything will be okay even it if feels like their lives are crumbling. T_T

This was a cutesy, fun and funny book, but also had the right amount of bittersweet moments added in as well (it did get a bit dark towards the end.  It came as somewhat as a shock to me at how drastically it happened, but going back and reading a bit of the beginning after finishing the book, I saw that there were signs early on). I loved how it dealt and portrayed dealing with anxiety, depression, and social anxiety and how everyone copes differently with tragedies they endure in their lives and how to eventually (and hopefully) overcome them.

Definitely had elements of Fangirl and the Illuminae Files, in the sense that it shared pictures of Eliza’s webcomic, fanfiction writing, and instant messaging chats and forum posts, which was cool and fun. They definitely helped move the plot along and kept things interesting.

I would definitely recommend this book especially to people that enjoyed Rainbow Rowell’s, Fangirl, and anyone who is a part of a fandom/are an artist/content creator, you’ll be able to relate on some level and I think you’d find it enjoyable! XD

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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