Vegan Survival Snacks

Yes, alright. I’ve proven that dumb joke true that you know someone’s a ______ because they’ll tell you. In this case, I’m filling in that blank with “vegan,” because the vegan diet is one that I follow as of about seven months ago.

I’m also a vegan who previously never thought they would or could follow a vegan diet. (Are there any vegans out there that did? Genuinely curious!) It’s not that I was particularly attached to non-vegan foods; in fact, I wasn’t at all. Meat and cheese are usually the big hang-ups for people, but I never liked most cheeses and I was repulsed enough by surprise bites of gristle and fat that meat wasn’t a favorite either. The hard part for me was that it seemed super restrictive—what would I even be able to eat anymore? Butter, milk, and eggs are used in SO MANY DELICIOUS THINGS and I love my snacks and junk food.

But I’ve actually found the transition to be fairly smooth, and it’s because of the snacks I’m going to mention today. So if you’re leaning toward vegetarianism, or veganism, or have a dairy intolerance or are just curious, here are my favorite vegan snacks.

(Fair Warning—the following foods are all super junky!)


Ahhh. Vegan gold. These babies are “accidentally” vegan, which is often the best kind of vegan snack to be. Not because they’re better for you though. Cause they’re not. Junk food through and through, baby. But oh, they are good for the soul.


giphy (2).gif

Nacho cheese Doritos are NOT vegan. Shocker, right? It’s like it says “cheese” right there in the name or something. I love to give into a good Dorito craving now and then, so this came as something as a blow to my soul-happiness. But then I found out about some accidentally vegan Doritos flavors. This one is my favorite—definitely spicy, but still packed with Dorito-y goodness. Ryan Gosling gets it.


giphy (3).gif

(It’s not easy to find a non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream gif, so just pretend that says “P.B. & Cookies” instead of “Phish Food.” Cool? Cool.)

Guys, non-dairy ice cream will never taste like the real thing. It just won’t. This has been a difficult reality to face, especially after trying to force down another spoonful of the third disappointing coconut milk ice cream I’d tried. It’s just not as good. But then I found sweet, sweet Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy options. Still not exactly the same, but DANG close. I honestly think I’d have happily eaten this in my pre-vegan days. It’s that good.


giphy (4).gif

Ok, so, this isn’t really that different from my Doritos one, but I just love chips so it was probably inevitable that they’d get a double feature on this list. Potato chips have rescued me so many times in the few months I’ve been following a vegan diet. Everyone’s making deli sandwiches at a group picnic? Stuff some potato chips between your lettuce and tomato and you’re good. Not keen on the meat puck burger everyone else is having? Potato chips are great with pickles and onions and a delicious bbq sauce on a bun, too! And I know they’re not everyone’s favorite, but I enjoy a good handful of potato chips on their own from time to time.

I know there are a lot more snacks that can rescue a junk food-craving vegan, and I’ll happily discover them as I go. Until then, I hope this list helps you as much as it’s helped me. Just don’t forget to have a good, healthy salad now and then too 😉

Happy eating!


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