Labyrinth: A game

I like games a lot. Card games, board games, dice games, classic games, new games, ones that make you think, ones that require little thought at all. I enjoy playing them and I enjoy the quality time it offers when playing with friends and family, and the memories that develop while playing. In many ways, I’ve barely dipped my toes in the water of the gaming world, which is both an exciting feeling to have and a little intimidating at times (after all, what game do you try next when there are countless games to play?)

Today I thought that I would pull a game from my shelf and talk a little bit about it.

Released in 1986, Labyrinth is a Ravensburger game created by German psychologist Max Cobert. It is easy enough for a child to play yet intriguing enough for all ages to enjoy. This is a game my brother and I who are in our twenties can play with our little sister who is only eight and we all have a fun time with it.

The concept of the game is simple: race through the maze to collect your treasure cards before your opponent. The challenge comes in the fact that the walls are ever moving and the paths are not always straightforward. The game itself is made up of a game board, 34 wall tiles, 24 treasure cards, and 4 playing pieces. When setting up the game, the board is laid out and the players lay down the wall tiles to create the maze.


(I apologize for the poor lighting.)

Something my brother and I have enjoyed experimenting with is laying down the wall tiles in ways that create more challenging mazes. For example, blocking off most paths so that it gives it more of a puzzle feel when navigating your way through to collect your treasures. How, you may ask, do you fix the path once it is laid down? After all the tile at the bottom of the photo I took is blocked by a wall and cuts off the paths to the left and right of it. After the players have filled the game board with tiles, you will have one tile left. This is given to the player who will take the first turn. They will choose a spot on the board to slide this extra tile piece in, causing the walls to shift as they do. They can then move their colored piece to the desired spot they would like to travel to on the path.

IMG_20170725_101259311 (1)

The tile that was forced off of the board now goes to the next player who will repeat the same steps. More information about game play can be found on the Ravensburger website here.

While I found no correlation between the two when researching online, something I enjoy about the game is the fact that I am reminded of the movie Labyrinth – the Jim Henson film with David Bowie starring as the Goblin King who steals the baby brother of a teenage girl. In order to rescue little baby Toby, she has to race against the clock through an elaborate labyrinth, making friends and facing challenges along the way. Ironically, both the Ravensburger game and the movie came out in the same year, but like I said, I found no correlation between the two online.


If you are interested in buying this game to try it out, you can find it on Amazon for around $24.99 and also on Walmart’s website for the same price.


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