The Cup of Destiny

My Gilded Tarot card deck and companion book by Barbara Moore

Tara has already covered the tarot cards in her Illuminating the Prophecy  post; her cards are gorgeous. I too have cards which I love! The artwork on them is quite different from Tara’s and while I do adore Tara’s, I’m quite fond of my own as well. Given that we’ve already posted about tarot cards though, I thought I’d do something different and talk about the latest book I got!


The Cup of Destiny!


Let me tell you, this cup was not easy to get! I ordered it twice from Amazon through two different book sellers and both had to cancel the order for unknown reasons. I was beginning to think it would be impossible to get my hands on, and the more I looked for it at other retailers the more expensive it was becoming. I tried one more bookseller on Amazon, crossing my fingers, and they were able to fulfill my order!

20170619_165751The Cup of Destiny by Jane Lyle is a teacup and saucer used for tasseography, which is the art of reading tea leaves for divination or fortune-telling. The teacup also comes with a book which explains how to use the cup for a tea leaf reading, and how to read and interpret the symbols of the tea leaves.

First off, this teacup (and it’s saucer) is beautiful! It’s extremely good quality, and packaged beautifully in the box as you can see above. I almost don’t want to use it at all, that’s how amazing I think it looks. The teacup and the saucer both have symbols on them as you can do a reading with both the tea leaves left in the cup and with what falls onto the saucer when you drain the cup of the last drops of tea by turning it upside down onto the saucer.

Here is a picture of the teacup and saucer:


Aside from the pretty cup, the book is quite informative. It gives you a little background on tea leaf reading and then goes right into the ways you can use the cup. There is two ways to do the tea leaf reading: first by using the symbols and sections on the cup and second by simply reading the tea leaves (and this can be done in a blank cup). The book also outlines a game you can do with the tea leaves and cup.

It is quite detailed and easy to follow, giving clear diagrams of the parts of the cup first before it goes into the symbols of the cup, and lastly various shapes and images you might find in your tea leaves.


Teacup symbols and tea leaf patterns:


It’s a great little book, very informative and easy to read. For anyone who is interested in tasseography I’d definitely recommend it (though you can probably find similar information online as well, if you’d rather just use a simple teacup you have at home). The book/teacup combo was not easy to come across, so if you are interested I wish you all the best trying to find it!

Now, here is the kicker…. I don’t actually like/drink tea! My husband does though and so I think he’ll be drinking a lot of tea when I want to try it out. His family also comes from a country where this practice is common and he was telling me that his family would sometimes read coffee grinds to pass the time on evenings when they were all sitting around. It would be really interesting to pick their brains about it if I am every curious for more cultural perspectives on it! It has some great reviews online and for anyone who is curious about tasseography it’s certainly a good place to start, as well you get a beautiful tea cup.

Until next time,


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