TickPick: A Website Review

“TickPick, where smart fans buy and sell tickets.”

I think we can just about all agree, it isn’t always the easiest to find cheap things to do for entertainment. When you’re on a budget sometimes some of the things we want to do seem to be out of reach or require extra saving. While that doesn’t apply to everyone, cutting costs, in general, can still be beneficial.


For today’s post, I thought I would shine a spotlight on this pretty cool website called TickPick. I wasn’t aware of them until about June when my dad stumbled upon the site. He was looking for baseball tickets so that our family could attend a game with my grandparents. Six tickets can be costly, but through TickPick they ended up being cheaper than if we were to all go watch a movie at the theater. Crazy, right? I was ecstatic! Now, not every event is that cheap, but from what I have seen TickPick’s prices, in general, are cheaper than some of their competitors.

They sell tickets globally for events such as sports, concerts, and musicals, among others. After selecting which event you would like to attend, you can choose your seating and how many tickets you would like. Sometimes they sell them as a set (example: if you want to sit in a certain row, you may only be able to buy 2 tickets, instead of 1). That isn’t always the case though and they give many different options depending on availability. So, if you have no need to buy tickets as a set, you can usually find another seat available. They will either email you your ticket so that you can print it at home, or they will mail it to you. There is also a way to put a bid on some tickets if you don’t want to necessarily buy them for the price that they’re listed. I’ve not played with that, but maybe someday I will.

I was a little hesitant the first time we used the site, because I had never heard of it before and I hoped it wasn’t a scam. There were no problems though throughout the entire process. The tickets were emailed in a timely manner, we printed them out, at the baseball game we stood in line at the gate, and they scanned the papers without question. Since then we’ve used the site for another baseball game earlier this month, and again when we bought tickets to a Linkin Park concert.

Now, the concert opened up more feelings of concern when it was canceled suddenly due to the passing of their lead singer. The tour was canceled about a week before we were to go see them. Very heartbreaking. Fairly new to TickPick’s processing, I wondered how their return policy would work, and how their customer service would prove to be. I am happy to say they were easy to work with, timely in their process, and there were no hoops to jump through. I sent an email and was responded to later that day to let me know that they were working on refunds. An email was then sent out to all ticket purchasers announcing the refund, and the money was returned straight to the credit card.

No hoops, no hassle, polite customer service, no hidden fees, cheaper events. They are a very cool company, in my opinion, and I hope that they stick around for a long time.

If you are interested in checking out TickPick yourself, here’s the link!

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