Act the Giddy Goat



  •       Behave in an irresponsible, silly, or playful way.


I have been meaning to do this blog post since we started the blog but I kept putting it off! Well I say, no more! Let’s do it!

People often ask me “why is it called Act the Giddy Goat?” and “what does act the giddy goat mean?”

Well folks, I have an answer for you!

Act the giddy goat is a phrase I stumbled upon when Tara and I were brainstorming and pondering name ideas for the site.  I can’t quite remember why we settled on it but I do remember a partial reason behind agreeing on it was that the name wasn’t taken anywhere yet (always a good reason to claim a name…). The name is also fun and interesting and it sort of summed up the feeling we were aiming for.

The phrase itself means to behave foolishly, which I took to read as just acting on a whim, not letting anything hold you back. We started as a writing blog so it was this idea of writing foolishly, leaping forward and not stopping to hesitate or care about what others think or getting caught up in plot, etc.. As I mentioned, originally we were going to focus on writing and our tag line was “write foolishly” but our site has grown to include a variety of topics and so our tag line is now “do what you love”.

Since we decided on broadening the theme I was originally thinking the tagline could be live foolishly (as opposed to write foolishly) and there are lots of great quotes out there by famous people telling you to live life, like this one from Daniel Day-Lewis:

“I learned pretty soon that it was essential to fail and be foolish.”

Our blog is created and written in the idea of making mistakes, and looking like a fool sometimes because it’s in those moments of foolishness and mistakes that we learn and grow.

At some point, while revamping our blog, I was lying in bed when suddenly the tag line “do what you love” hit me. It still implies the same thing as “live foolishly” just more clearly showing what we hope to achieve through our blog. This unguarded sense of doing what we love, not being afraid to show off what we love and living life foolishly on our own terms.

Act the Giddy Goat means to behave foolishly. For us it means to do what you love without worrying about what others think of you. Perhaps they will call us foolish for loving Disney at our age, or spending our time writing novels, or still reading young adult books, but it’s what we love. We’re willing to make mistakes and grow as we learn, and we want to encourage you to do the same.

People might say it’s foolish to aspire to be a writer, a painter, etc. but we’re doing what we love.

But as Ms. Frizzle always says: “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”

We’re giddy goats.




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