Vlog #2 – Newsies!

Air & Emador sat down to vlog about what they love about one of their favorite movie – Newsies! They discuss both the original movie and the new Broadway version!

If you love Newises, share with us your favorite boys and your favorite songs!! We’d love to know!

Check it out on our Youtube Channel!


  1. I first saw Newsies at the age of 22. It was touring to Charlotte and I wanted to see it. I knew four of the songs and than learned it won a tony for best choreography. So I honestly wanted to see Newsies. Mom and Dad got tickets either the week before or week of the show. I loved it so much because the songs were so energetic, fun and a bit emotional. The bond found between all the Newsies is just wonderful to watch.

    My favorite Newsies: Jack and Crutchie. A lot of that had to do with their bond. Joey Barreiro, my Jack, was so talented that I was able to fall in love with Jack. Jack is a dreamer and romantic. The spirt that Cructchie shows is wonderful. It is their bond that makes them my top favorite Newsies.

    Favorite Song and Dance Number: Seize the Day

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    1. Jack & Crutchie are a great pair! I love how the Broadway version deepened the bonds between the Newsies. In the movie version (1992), Jack is clearly close with a lot of the boys, but there isn’t a clear “best friend”. I know fan-fiction sort of took off and paired boys up into best-friends (Race/Spot, Blink/Mush, Jack/David, Specs/Dutchie/Snoddy) lol but it was sort of drawn out of imaginations and stories told after, not necessarily extremely evident in the movie the way the Broadway does it. So I love that the Broadway gave that bond to Jack & Crutchie it makes it so much more painful when Crutchie gets taken away! Definitely a good pair to have as favorites! 😀

      Seize the Day is a great song! I love both versions of it, the chances the Broadway version made it to it are great!


      1. The bond between Jack and Crutchie during “Santa Fe (Prologue) is what told me I was going to love Newsies. Having “Santa Fe” be a sad song added much more complexity and more emotion to the show. “Something to Believe In” allows Jack and Katherine to become such a beautiful couple. “Carrying the Banner” allows to you see such a close bond between all the Newsies.

        When it comes to musicals, I expect dance or spectacle, comedy, romance, positive and negative emotions in the score and a strong emotional connection. Newsies has all of that.

        If you check out my blog, you will find posts about why I love Jack, Crutchie and the other Newsies.

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