Adult Coloring Books!

Note: I’ve peppered a few links into this post in case something prompts you to do a little additional reading, which I highly encourage.

How’s your NaNo coming along? Are you blind from staring at your computer for hours on end? Do you feel like you’re going to go nuts from trying to fill in that plothole that just won’t go away?  Are you feeling a little stressed because you’ve neglected all of your other adult duties to pursue this insane goal?

I feel you, bro.

This time of the year (holidays, end of NaNo, winter) can be stressful for a lot of people and it is so important to make sure you take care of #1 (YOU!).  I’d like to suggest an activity that will take you back to a simpler time and will also relax you: coloring!

Today’s bookstores are flooded with adult coloring books and for good reason – coloring is awesome!  Not only has it been proven to be a good stress reliever again and again, but it’s fun!  It’s calming, it’s de-stressing, and it’s actually good for you.  Coloring engages both sides of your brain and helps with coordination and fine motor skills.

Not to mention, it has the additional “shower effect.”  Now, I cannot remember where I read this story, and Google is turning up no results for me.  The story might not even be real, but the science behind it is, so hear me out.  When NASA experts were struggling to bring the Apollo 13 spacecraft home, one engineer went home to get a few hours of sleep, but before he did, he decided to take a quick shower.  While he was in the shower – when his brain was not thinking about the problem at hand – suddenly, he looked at his shower head and it clicked!  He rushed out of the shower and back to NASA and, with his idea, they were able to bring our boys home.

I’m not entirely sure if the story is true, but the idea is there.  Sometimes to solve our biggest problems, we just need to stop thinking about them for a while.  We’ve seen this in Harry Potter (when Hermione is cutting Harry’s hair in the 7th movie) and the Big Bang Theory (when Sheldon decided to be a busboy at The Cheesecake Factory).

Anyway, off of the heavy psychological stuff, and onto pretty pictures!

Here are my coloring books…


As you can see, there is something for everyone out there.

I use everything from Crayola markers to Mr. Sketch Scented Markers & Colored Pencils (because I’m 5 years old) to fancy colored pencils to Crayola Twistables (crayons).

You’re the only one who’ll be seeing your colorings (unless you’re like me and post them for the world to see), so there are no rules!

(Left is from Love Between the Lines, a literature-centered coloring book and Right is Highgarden from my Game of Thrones coloring book.)

Happy coloring!

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