Your Writing Support Team

It’s the holiday season, and do you know what that means? It means holiday cards, presents, and taking the time to stop, appreciate, and thank those around us! It also means great food (you can check out all of the Giddy Goats’ favorite recipes in our past post), but mostly it’s about thinking to all the great connections you’ve made and kept that year.

With the whirlwind that is NaNoWriMo, it’s easy to forget to take a moment to thank all of the people who were able to make NaNoWriMo possible. I’m not talking about those who run the program – though they deserve a ton of thanks as well! – but I’m talking about the people who are in your life. This includes significant others, roommates, friends, or family. If not them perhaps it’s your kids (furry or not) or even yourself (you deserve credit too!). Perhaps these people helped pick up extra chores or even excused you from doing errands for the month. Perhaps they forgave the extra pile of dirty dishes or the fact that the laundry hasn’t been done for weeks. Or maybe they helped by cheering you on, supporting you, or being patient with all your writerly quirks that inevitably showed up this November. (Which, let’s be real about those quirks… it’s hard for non-writers to not judge us. We ask a lot of weird questions and look up some pretty weird stuff! Don’t believe me? Check out the reference forum on NaNoWriMo designed to ask your questions and get answers without judgement.)

Whatever it is, make sure to contact each one of those people personally to thank them because these people are a vital part to your writing support team.

But Jess, they didn’t help me with my writing at all! How can they be my ‘writing support team’. They’re just supportive!

There are a lot of factors that go into writing and one of the major ones is having the time to be able to sit down to write. This can be possible on our own. We can arrange our schedule to make sure that we have carved out enough time to get some of our words down. However, some of us have so much going on that you need to work together with others in your life to make sure that time actually happens (guilty). My writing support team are people that are in my life that make writing possible for me on a daily basis.

You’ve probably heard of this, or have had someone tell you, that writing is (considered) a solitary profession. The only person that can physically transcribe the scenes and words in your head onto the paper or screen is yourself. While this is true that only you can do the work, I disagree that writing is a lonely profession. Even if you lock yourself in a room to write, you still have the ability to make time during other parts of your day to live a life filled with adventure and filled with people to help you out on your journey. I know that if I were truly writing alone, my stories would be less interesting and I’d get writer’s block a whole lot more often than I actually do.

I still owe many people ‘thank yous’ for being a part of my writing support system this year, but I’m going to start now, and you should too! And maybe treat them to a coffee, tea, or beverage of their choice. After all, they helped you get more words down for November than you would’ve been able to otherwise!

It will be 2018 next time that you hear from me, so I’ll see you all there!

Until then, happy holidays!

My thank yous for this November (shortened to just names/people):

My fiance, my sister, my family, my friend Nooncast, my writing friends, my writing group who really are a Bunch of Lunatics, and the Giddy Goats.

Without you guys, I know that I would’ve given up this November. So thank you.


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