Tara’s 2018 To Be Read List

February is not everyone’s favorite time of year. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that a LOT of people hate this month more than any other. But I adore February. It is my birthday month and the month of Valentine’s Day, which I use to celebrate love of any kind. I love love. It can be fraught and cliché and lame sometimes but it’s also my favorite thing to read and my favorite thing to write. Not just romantic love, but love between family, between friends, between strangers. Love is great. Celebrate it!

This is all very loosely connected to my blog post today, but here’s how I see it: February is all about lovin’ things, yeah? And what do I love more than 98% of things in this world? Books! So I thought I’d share some of the books I’m excited to read (and hopefully love) this year.

IMG_E5710Wink Poppy Midnight – April Genevieve Tucholke

I haven’t heard much about this book as far as content, just that it was talked about a lot in the YA community. To be honest I mostly bought it because the cover is gorgeous. Look at it! I’m interested to see if it lives up to all the hype.

IMG_E5712A Shadow Bright and Burning – Jessica Cluess

There are a few books on this list that I had never heard about. This may seem surprising with a couple of these books but I honestly do a pretty bad job keeping up with what’s what in YA fiction (something I’d like to improve on this year). I saw this in the bookstore and liked what I saw from the synopsis and a bit of a skim through some of the pages, so I’ll be giving this one a try soon!

IMG_E5717Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman

Do any of you have those books that you’ve been meaning to read for years but for some reason you just never get around to actually doing it? I’ve been wanting to read Anansi Boys for at least a decade now and I think it’s about time I follow through. Excited to dig in—I always enjoy Gaiman’s novels so I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

IMG_E5719The Night Circus  – Erin Morgenstern

This has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years. I keep hearing beautiful things about it and its love story so I’m determined not to let another year go by without this book getting in my brain.

IMG_E5722The Wrath & the Dawn (series)  – Renée Ahdieh

I’ve actually read this book already, but it has a sequel (The Rose & the Dagger) that I’m itching to get my hands on. This book was odd for me—I was hypnotized by it while simultaneously finding it frustrating as heck. It is beautifully written and I expect the sequel will be as well, and it’ll be nice to find out the conclusion to the huge cliffhanger we’re left with in this first book.

IMG_E5723The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

I love Patrick Rothfuss but strangely enough have never actually read anything he’s written. Time to change that! Keeping this one on deck for those days when I’m really craving some sweeping heroic fantasy. (They happen a lot.)

IMG_E5724And I Darken – Kiersten White

This is another one I’ve just seen and heard a lot about while simultaneously having no idea what the story is actually about. That’s my preferred way to enter a new story (with ignorance!) so I’ll just delve into this one at some point this year and enjoy the discovery.

IMG_E5725Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

I am so, so late to the party on this one. Ender’s Game is another novel that’s been sitting unread on my shelf for way too long (and now I’ve seen the movie which kind of takes the punch out of the ending) but that will all change when I finally give it some attention this year.

Not pictured (aka on my Kindle): The Two Towers and Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien (seriously, as a die-hard LOTR fan it’s embarrassing that I have yet to finish this series!) and The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (read the first one and loved it, time to jump into the rest!)

My passion for reading has really kicked it up a notch this year (after a nearly two-year long slump—hallelujah!) so I can say with great enthusiasm that I can’t wait to read every single one of these. If you’ve already read them let me know what you thought! (No spoilers, I beg of you). Let me know what’s on your list to read this year!

Happy reading!



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