Literature Lads We Love to Love – Listicle

When I posed the question which book character would you date and why, there was a collective groan from the Goats and much musing over who they’d pick! We all settled on someone and here is our list who we’d date!


Numair Salmalín – From the Wild Magic series by Tamora Pierce

Fan art by: tameraali on tumblr

When I first read the series, there was no swooning over Numair, I was around thirteen when I read it and I was more focused on Daine the main character because I wanted to be her. Growing older though, and considering this question – I’d definitely pick Numair for a date. He’s intelligent and loves learning; he can talk about books for hours! ❤

He’s sweet and passionate but when angered he can be dangerous and he’s very protective of those he loves. Not to mention he knows how to juggle and do sleight of hand so he can entertain me with magic tricks, also real magic tricks because he’s one of the most powerful mages in the kingdom!


Noah Shaw from the Mara Dyer trilogy and now his new trilogy, The Becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin.

There’s so many good book boyfriends to choose from, can’t I have them all?!  Haha If I had to choose just one though, I guess, I would have to say Noah Shaw.  He’s good looking, protective of the one he loves, is there for them and supports them, can be snarky but has a great (and sarcastic) sense of humor, and Oh, and did I mention he’s British and has a British accent?  XD


Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

When there is a guy out there that loves you unconditionally, can look beyond your flaws (and then fall in love with them), fight to be by your side, and support you despite some of your odd ideas and strong-headed nature… he’s definitely a keeper. Plus, he is willing to spend time out of his day to be there for his girl when she needs him – even if it’s just emotional support or a hug. He’s a grounded type of guy who also has an artistic nature which can match my own dreaming personality. His personality and kind-loving nature is golden and rare to find. Why wouldn’t I date him if I got the chance?


Lord Captain Richard Allen from Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer

This was a surprisingly difficult decision to make.  When there is a guy in a story, but he already has a love, I have a hard time imagining myself in her shoes.  I mean, that’s her man, right? I can’t take that away from them.

However, Captain Lord Richard Allen from the Bloody Jack series is just so delicious, I can’t help myself.  That, and the girl he ends up with is evil and we all hate her and she doesn’t deserve him. 😛  He’s a ladies man, a charmer, but there’s just something about him…


Westley from The Princess Bride by William Goldman


I had a hard time deciding who I would pick, but after some thought I decided on Westley. He was sweet while a poor farm boy, pining for Buttercup. After time he became the bold and adventurous Dread Pirate Roberts. Loyal and strong, I would like a date with Westley.


Prince Charmont – Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Char was probably one of my first introductions to literary love interests and I was so dang charmed by him. I adored his willingness to be a bit silly with Ella, to easily and delightedly laugh at her humor, to be there for her when he could, to respect the boundaries she was forced to make, and most of all, I loved his constant earnestness. He wants to help her so much, and she wants to let him, and the sincere love and respect he always maintained made him such an admirable character to me. I related so much to Ella (aside from the whole curse thing, ha) so I easily fell in love with him right along with her.

~ * ❤ * ~

Let us know who your literary love is!
Which fictional character would you go out for a date with?

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  1. Westley from the Princess Bride is a great pick!
    I would choose Daniel Grigori from the Fallen series by Lauren Kate – “His love is a lot like those sonnets and poems penned by poets like William Shakespeare and Lord Byron. This man will literally love you for all eternity. Literally. You can’t get much more romantic than that.”
    Check out my book boyfriend list! –

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