Ravished (book review)

March is a very literary month! It’s on the tail end of Freedom to Read week, and the whole month is reading awareness month, so why not start the month off with a book review!

At this point you’ve probably heard me mention this book a few times – if you watch our vlogs (or you’ve seen it mentioned in other posts)! My fellow Giddy Goats have definitely heard me mention this one a few times, and recommend it to them! This is one of my go-to books to read when I don’t want to read something new and am in the mood for a little romance.

By: Amanda Quick
Published 1992

Back cover: There was no doubt about it. What Miss Harriet Pomeroy needed was a man. Someone powerful and clever who could help her rout the unscrupulous thieves who were using her beloved caves to hide their loot. But when Harriet summoned Gideon Westbrook, Viscount St. Justin, to her aid, she could not know that she was summoning the devil himself. . . .

Dubbed the Beast of Blackthorne Hall for his scarred face and lecherous past, Gideon was strong and fierce and notoriously menacing. Yet Harriet could not find it in her heart to fear him. For in his tawny gaze she sensed a savage pain she longed to soothe . . . and a searing passion she yearned to answer. Now, caught up in the Beast’s clutches, Harriet must find a way to win his heart–and evade the deadly trap of a scheming villain who would see them parted for all time.

Why I love this book:

Okay, if you haven’t realized this about me yet… I am a sucker for romance. Seriously. Romance, rom-coms, feel good cheesy Hallmark movies, feel good cheesy based on real-event stories, you get the point. And I mean like cheesy romance, none of this 50 Shades of Grey stuff – does that even count as romance (sorry to those who like it, it’s just not for me)? I like your cliché characters, plot, and good writing. The kind that makes me still growl if the characters are being stupid and not getting together fast enough or making stupid choices, and the sort of romance that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster. The kind that leaves something to the imagination while it seduces you.

So, this book is exactly that.

Ravished is pretty much your Beauty and the Beast tale. Rich man, with a horrible scared face and past. Pretty woman, beneath him in social class but not enough that it’s the main point of the story. Boy meets girl. And they can’t stand each other. Both of them drive each other crazy, but both of them are beginning to fall in love with each other – and both too stubborn to really say so though.

And that’s another reason why I love this book. I love the characters that Amanda Quick as created. Harriet Pomeroy – isn’t described as a perfectly beautiful woman. Her two front teeth overlap, she’s a bit plain. She’s headstrong, and use to being in charge of her own life after all she’s past marrying age and doesn’t expect to have a man rule her life.

Gideon is far from perfect himself, a troubled past dictates all his actions and gets in the way far too much.

True to the cliché – Harriet will love him regardless and bring him away from that past but first they are forced to marry. Which Harriet is not too pleased about at all, but Gideon says they must protect her honor and his (which was already ruined once), after they spent the night together in a cave when the tide came in.

Here is a little snippet from the start of the book:

IT WAS A SCENE straight out of a nightmare. Gideon Westbrook, Viscount St. Justin, stood on the threshold and gazed into the cheerful little anteroom of hell.

There were bones everywhere. Savagely grinning skulls, bleached ribs, and shattered femurs were scattered about like so much devil’s garbage. Chunks of stone with teeth and toes and other odd bits embedded in them were stacked on the windowsill. A pile of vertebrae littered the floor in one corner.

In the center of the unholy clutter sat a slender figure in a stained apron. A white muslin cap was perched askew atop a wild, tangled mane of chestnut-brown curls. The woman, obviously young, was seated at a heavy mahogany desk. Her slender, graceful back was turned to Gideon. She was sketching busily, her entire attention focused on what appeared to be a long bone embedded in a chunk of stone.

From where he was standing, Gideon could see that there was no wedding band on the supple fingers that held the quill. This would be one of the daughters, then, not the widow of the late Reverend Pomeroy.

Just what he needed, Gideon thought, another rector’s daughter.

And that’s all I’ll give away! The cast of characters in this novel is worth it and I just love Amanda Quick’s way with words.

Let me know what your favorite romance novel is – if you read the genre! I’m always on the look out for new books that I might enjoy.

Until next time,


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