Ready Player One (Movie Review)

A few months ago I read and talked about the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline with you all (My book review: HERE).  Well, a few weeks ago when the movie was still in movie theaters I went and saw it and dragged my mother with me (lol XD)!  SO! With that being said this review will probably have some spoilers for both the book and the movie, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then I suggest you LOOK AWAY(:O !!!) and skip this post until you’ve either read the book/watched the movie (Don’t worry, I understand)!  

Ready Player One?


Here are some of the things I liked:

1. Not Just ‘80s References and Nostalgia

To gain more interest from a younger crowd they decided to incorporate as many pop culture references as possible, which I think was a good move.  Not everyone would’ve understood all the ‘80s references or appreciated them.

2. I-r0k


I’m glad in the movie they actually gave I-r0k more of a purpose other than to just to tell everyone else that the first key was located on the world where all the schools were and then never be mentioned again in the book.  In the movie, they actually made him more of a villain which I thought was a nice touch! I also thought they made his character look pretty cool in the movie.

Some of my Dislikes:

1. Moved Too Fast 


Most of the time I thought things moved a little too fast.  Being fast paced is usually a good thing to keep people’s attention, but not in this case.  I know I missed A LOT of the references or noticed certain characters because of how quickly they scanned past them.  Also, I was slightly annoyed that they didn’t keep the scene from the book where Wade figures out the first clue while he’s in one of his classes.  The whole point and importance of that scene is that Wade was poor and really couldn’t afford to go off-world and due to that couldn’t get all the cool and helpful upgrades most of the other characters could (In the movie they made it seem that he had enough money to go off-world a lot and had some cool upgrades, although still not the best upgrades.  They made it appear way easier to gain all in the movie vs. in the book where it was extremely difficult).  The world which housed all the schools was free and everyone was allowed to go there. But because they wanted to speed things along they decided to change that revelation scene, which I get, but I still say they could’ve made the school scene work.

Also, since my mom hadn’t read the book at all she did get slightly lost as to what the movie was about and what was going on.  The movie did explain things, but they did so fast that I can see how things were easily missed if you hadn’t read the book.

2. Characters Too Trusting 


I guess this could be considered under the pacing as well, but in the movie, I was so surprised at how fast Art3mis became so trusting of Wade and other characters and how quickly they all became friends.  In the book, Art3mis was so sarcastic and extremely distrusting of everyone and tried keeping Wade at distance and even gave him some sass when he was racing IOI in the last Gate to get the Egg.

3. Not Nearly Enough Simon Pegg/Ogden Morrow!  

In the book, Og had a bigger part than Simon Pegg did in the movie!  Now I can understand part of that. In order to keep the suspense and the thrill of the chase, I get why they decided to cut/change where Og offers the High Five Gunters safety at his mansion.  But to cut him out of his own Birthday Party DJ Dance Party scene?! I would’ve LOVED to see Simon Pegg be a DJ! I think it would’ve been fun! And then great when he kicks out the party crashing IOI Sixers!  I don’t know, I still think they could’ve done something to include him in more scenes. Ah well.


Okay, well that’s all I can think of at the moment.  The movie wasn’t my favorite, but I still liked it. Strangely enough, I liked the movie more than the book.  What did you think? What were some of your favorite parts or least favorite parts? Let me know in the comments below!


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