Hogwarts Running Club: Run like You Know Who is Chasing You

Running+Harry Potter+Giving to Charities?

Count me in!

Harry Potter is arguably one of the most popular fandoms today. J.K. Rowling’s series has been able to bring people of all ages together allowing them to connect over common interests. My love for Harry Potter isn’t a secret and if something says “Harry Potter” on it, I’m not going to lie, I’m at least going to try it. So when a friend invited me to join Hogwarts Running Club on Facebook about a month ago, I couldn’t say no. What I found was a great organization that was doing #somuchgood in the world and a place where Harry Potter fans can talk about anything from their love of Harry Potter to running, grand achievements, or about life. Overall, it’s a place where people can support each other through whatever mischief their way comes, that is, with a magical twist.

What is Hogwarts Running Club?

Hogwarts Running Club, abbreviated as HRC, supports charities that fall under the following categories: animals, youth, literacy, environment, fighting diseases, and veterans. The charities change each time a new event is announces, and they host various virtual runs throughout the year. Registering for a run allows you to get awesome Harry Potter-inspired medals (and I’m realizing that I’m loving all of the designs) and makes you go out and walk more, jog more, or run more! Plus, the money for the run goes towards an organization that’s in need.

So what’s the catch? There’s none! There’s no membership fees, no lists that you need to be on, and you don’t even need to be a fast runner – or a runner at all if you prefer to fast walk! Also, there isn’t spam that goes to your e-mail unlike some running clubs which fill your inbox with clutter. All of this is to do #somuchgood. The best part? Even if you register and get injured, or maybe you’re wheelchair bound, you can still get the medal no matter what. You can run the race when you get better, walk it, wheel it, or even crawl. Does this mean you can just ‘buy’ the medal and not do anything? The answer is yes, you’re money still goes to a great cause, but it always feels better to earn your reward. If you’d like to donate to their current charity without the medal, there’s a way for you to do that as well.

Perks of a Virtual Run

HRC is all about virtual runs. This means that there’s no physical location that you need to go to in order to run. You’re able to complete the race wherever you’re located whether indoors or outdoors. Complete the race whenever you want and however you can! It’s about promoting fitness while doing a good thing. Essentially, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it! It’s as flexible as you can get!

Suggested dates for running do exist, and you should try to run within the time-frame given for the run, but no one is keeping you accountable besides you. You don’t even need to submit proof of your run, so no need to download specific apps, and you don’t need a step-counter/GPS-tracker like Garmin or Fitbit to log your distance. However, you’re more than welcome to post pictures online about your run, your time, or your bib on any social media you’d like. Just note that runs completed for HRC events (5k, 10k, half-marathons, etc) do NOT qualify for races where proof of time is needed for corral placement. So remember to take this into account.

Worth it? Yes!

If you love Harry Potter and want to be fitter, this group is amazing, helpful, and supportive. I love the group, the medals, and the fact that I get to help charities and be a part of something bigger. I also appreciate all the help and advice given to me by the other members when I have questions. I personally found it really motivational. Not only are there events, but if you’re part of a common room, each common room also has their own activities to keep you on your toes and moving. Placed into teams, you can cheer each other on and do more than you’d do on your own.

As long as you love Harry Potter and want to be more active, then give it a try! What do you have to lose?

How Do I Join?

Like the Facebook page for HRC to get updates and hear about new events and races the moment they’re released. Want to be more involved and join the community on Facebook? Check out the Great Hall and then join your common room! You can only officially join one common room. If you’re between two or more, they allow you to join different ones, but you must choose within a week. Just like in Hogwarts, you can only belong to one house. House competition not your thing? Then you can join the Faculty page or just The Great Hall!

HRC – Great Hall

Ravenclaw Common Room | Slytherin Common Room

Hufflepuff Common Room | Gryffindor Common Room

Other Fandoms

Run by the same group, they also have a Whovian Running Club. If Doctor Who is your thing and you’d like medals that are Doctor Who-themed, then you can check WRC out! Check out their website for more information, charities, and look through the medals that have been and what events are currently running.



Let’s get those #MilesManaged and I hope to see you in The Great Hall soon!








    1. I still need to do that! I love Hagrid and creatures, so this particularly touches my heart. Are you Team Sloth or Team Goat? I have an obligation to keep, so we know which team I’m on. 😉 Or maybe #TeamAllCreatures!


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