New York City

Recently I had the opportunity to vacation in New York City for the first time with fellow Giddy Goat, Air, where we also met up with Giddy Goat Brogums! I had  a blast and I would go back to the city again in a heartbeat!

Since it is still fresh on my mind I thought I would share a handful of my favorite places:



While most of the things I’m sharing today are favorites in no particular order, this one definitely ranks up there at the top. Air and I both agreed this was the most informative tour we went on during our stay. The tour takes you beneath the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral where many famous historical figures are located – the Delmonico family, Congressman John Kelly (successor to Boss Tweed), and General Thomas Eckert (an adviser to Abraham Lincoln), to name a few.

Ellis Island


We decided to go a little off of the beaten path and take a hard hat tour of the Ellis Island immigrant hospital buildings. It was neat to walk the halls where so much history has taken place. I was able to leave having learned much, much more than I had known before.

The photo to the left is the hallway of the hospital. To maintain health safety, each illness was given its own room – that same illness would be placed in the room directly above with their own set of stairs linking them together. This was to prevent germs from escaping. A nurse or doctor would be able to attend to each patient of that illness without traveling beyond the closed door. Rooms were laid out kitty-corner from each other down the hallway to keep germs from easily passing across the hallway.

The photo to the right is a machine where mattresses were enclosed and steam cleaned to kill germs.

Seaport District


I enjoyed this area a lot. On the day we went at least, it felt a little more spacious and not as crowded as other areas we had been to. What started as a trip to Bowne and Co. Stationers (New York’s oldest operating business under the same name from 1775) turned into a bigger adventure as we decided to check out the Seaport Museum. There we were able to go on a self-guided tour of the 1885 cargo ship, Wavertree (bottom left), and a tour of the lightship, Ambrose (top left). It was a unique and rewarding experience!



Located on four acres overlooking the Hudson River in northern Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park, the Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to medieval Europe art, architecture and gardens.

The Magic of Handwriting Exhibit


The Morgan library itself is beautiful and I appreciated it as a book lover but one of my favorite things was this exhibit located on the lower level of the library. For nearly 50 years Brazillian author and publisher,  Pedro Corrêa do Lago, has been assembling a massive collection of autographs. His collection consists of handwritten letters, manuscripts, and musical compositions as well as inscribed photographs, drawings, and documents spanning multiple genres over 900 years. To the left is an autographed photo of the Romanov family and to the right is an autograph from Charlie Chaplin. If you’re planning a trip to New York City, this exhibit will only be there until September, so hurry to see it while you can!

Ferrara’s Bakery


Open for 126 years, this cafe located in Little Italy has been passed down for five generations. Air and I had never eaten a cannoli before so we decided to give them a try and they were delicious. Ferrara’s offers large cannolis as well as small and they come in two different styles: original and hand-dipped chocolate.

Have you been to New York City before? What are some of your favorite locations? I would love to hear your comments down below!

Until next time,

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