Bellabeat Leaf In-Depth Review

Before my Bellabeat, I had never worn smart jewelry. While I kind of wanted one back when they were starting to become popular, they were costly and I greatly disliked the appearance of the current trackers at the time like the Fitbit or Garmin. The first time that I stumbled upon Bellabeat was in 2016 shortly after Business Insider has published that Bellabeat was one of the best trackers for women. To me honest, what really attracted me to it was the fact that it was gorgeous! It genuinely looked like a piece of jewelry that I would wear and no one would be the wiser. Being an introvert, I liked the fact that people couldn’t randomly strike up conversation about trackers just by looking at my wrist and asking about it. So, I kept my eye on it. I finally got one in the summer of 2017 because my sister and I ended up buying one for each other as an early Christmas gift. We wanted to jump-start our fitness goals and since I had begun to run and workout more, it seemed like a great gift.

Having used a Bellabeat Leaf for a little over a year now, I can officially give it a proper review. Not only have I tried every aspect of the leaf and worn it in different ways, but I have also had a chance to compare it to other trackers and I have worked with customer service multiple times when issues arose with one our Bellabeat trackers.

Great, But What is Bellabeat Leaf and What Does it Track?

The Bellabeat is advertised to be a tracker specifically tailored for women. It can track sleep and give you insights on your sleep cycles, track your activity, guide and log meditations, predict stress, track your period, and more.

Sleep: Tracks sleep duration, sleep quality, wake-up time, and bedtime. It also allows setup for a wake-up alarm, allows adding a nap, setting goals, and allows you to share progress.

Activities: Tracks calories burned, distance moved, steps taken, and amount of active time. It also allows you to share progress, add custom activities, set goals, and has an inactivity alert option (which vibrates to let you know to get up and move).

Meditation: Has options for meditation sessions, tracks meditation duration, you can log sessions manually, and set a goal.

Stress: Has stress prediction based on other information that it has gathered like activity, sleep, and meditation. Shows stress sensitivity, activity impact, sleep impact, meditation impact, cycle impact, and pregnancy impact.

Period: Tracks period, fertile tracking, ovulation tracking, pregnancy tracking, pill reminder, and has the ability to turn on/off tracking.

It was made to be just as accurate in tracking steps or sleep as other trackers, but also to make it versatile and fashionable. Not a fan of bracelets? No problem! The tracker can also be worn as a necklace or a clip and even comes with a necklace chain in the color that matches the metal of your Bellabeat. Track your health in style, right?


Setup: 5/5

The setup for the Bellabeat was surprisingly simple! It comes with an instruction booklet which pretty much says to take out the tab that’s in the tracker to activate it, download the app, and connect the tracker to your phone through bluetooth. This is the first time you’ll sync your tracker to the phone. How do you sync it? Tap on your Bellabeat tracker twice to sync. For those who wonder, this tracker doesn’t auto-sync, but this small but easy step is why the battery life is so long.

Everything you need to customize is in the “Settings” tab at the top. Within about 5 minutes, I was ready to go and up and running to track my steps!


The activity and sleep tracking is compared to the Vivofit 3.

Activity: 5/5

When compared to other trackers, specifically the Vivofit, the steps were pretty accurate. It wasn’t too sensitive nor too stubborn to give you steps. This was done early on when I first got my Leaf, so not sure how it holds up after a year or use, but I expect it to be decently accurate still. On a typical day I tend to hit 5,000 steps if I’m not working out or doing all that much extra, and it usually shows me in that area at the end of the day. However, it isn’t very accurate if you forget to change the position of the Leaf. The default setting for the tracker is to be worn on the wrist like a bracelet. If you wear it as a necklace or as a clip onto your shirt or pants, you need to change the position of the tracker on the app to ensure it calculates your activity accurately.

Looking for other fun stuff? If you click the shoe on the app to bring you to “Activity,” you’ll find that it has a lot of information which is really helpful. It’s also really easy to add other activities! Since I do more than just walking and running, this was great to have.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about the tracker is the fact that it has an inactivity alert if you want to activate it. It lets me know when I’ve been sitting too long and should get up and move around, stretch, or get some steps in. The alert is a quiet vibration that you can feel and barely hear. However, the vibration can be missed sometimes if you’re doing other activities since it’s not super strong.

Sleep: 4/5

It was decent at keeping track of sleep. This was probably the feature that amused me the most. While lots of factors can play into your sleep and quality that you get, this is decently accurate to know when you fell asleep, when you woke up, and if you tossed and turned at night – or if you got up and stayed awake for a while before going back to sleep.

If you tap on the moon symbol, it brings you to the screen for “Sleep” where you can see how well you slept, time for sleep and wake-up, and add naps. If the tracker is incorrect, you can also fix the times to make it more accurate.

Meditation: 3/5

At the beginning of 2018 I began doing Yoga and Pilates and included some light meditation. This app feature was nice because it gave guided meditations, but I personally didn’t use it that much because I preferred my own meditation sessions. The app allows you to add the time and duration of your sessions which is helpful, but ultimately this didn’t do anything for me since I also didn’t use their stress prediction. However, I thought that the guided meditations could be helpful/decent for those who want it.

Stress Prediction: 1/5

While this is a cute feature, I found it immensely inaccurate. It’s supposed to predict how you’ll handle your stress day-to-day given all the information that your tracker has accumulated from the past. However, on days where it said I was resistant to stress, I wasn’t, and days when it said I was be sensitive, the opposite was true. While this isn’t supposed to read my mind or body (cause that’s impossible), I found it to be wasted space and never looked at it again after the first month.

Period Tracker: 4/5

This is a helpful feature that is built into the Leaf making it focused towards women. Bellabeat’s app makes it easy to track your period, ovulation, and will predict when to expect your next period. On the pill? No problem! They have a pill reminder that you can set to remind you daily. Not on birth control but you need to take medications anyway? If you wear your tracker all the time, you can also put in other special alarms to help remind you for those medications. Unlike a phone reminder which vibrates louder or can make noises to take a medication, the Bellabeat trackers vibrations are softer and less noticeable to others who aren’t right next to you.

While many apps currently exist to help track your menstrual cycle or give medication reminders, it’s helpful that the Bellabeat app already has all these features. It allows you to have more free space on your phone, and if I can delete apps and more room for more apps, I’m all in! I’d say that the period tracker is a nice feature to have and seems to be just as good as other apps that predict your cycle. The pill reminder is also nice, but it’s super subtle and sometimes when I’m typing, I don’t automatically notice it’s vibrating so I could potentially miss it. .

No interested in the period tracker? Perhaps it just doesn’t pertain to you or you don’t care for it, and that’s okay. You can go to “Settings” and turn off “Track reproductive health” easily.

Water Tracker: 3/5

Bellabeat came out with a new product called “Spring” which is a smart water bottle that gives hydration tracking and drinking reminders. This also syncs with the Bellabeat app, but if you don’t have the smart bottle? The water tracker might not be used unless you track your water intake with a specific bottle you already have and can tack the fluid ounces it holds. Again, this is good if you already use a water tracker app because it makes it as an all-in-one app, but this doesn’t give water in-take reminders like some other apps do.

Aesthetics: 5/5

Bellabeat definitely wins in this category. In my opinion, no other tracker exists yet that has as much beauty and versatility for home to work environments. From the presentation from within the box and wearing it (whether on your wrist, on a necklace, or as a clip), it has style. It’s also not as well-known as other trackers so you get to avoid unwanted conversations if you’re more of an introvert like me. It also goes with any outfit you can put together. From casual to professional, you can wear this tracker around the house or even to important business meetings while still keeping that sophisticated and clean look.

Customer Service: 4.5/5

Not all products are made perfectly and the reality is some have defects. While I never had a problem with my Bellabeat tracker, my sister has and so we had to contact customer service a few times, but each time they were very helpful. The first time was when my sister’s tracker was missing steps for multiple days and when the usual methods weren’t working to fix it, they gave her a replacement tracker. The second time was when an active bracelet broke within a month of constantly wearing it and they were also really nice about that as well.

Their customer service is quick to respond, try to solve the issues or grievance as soon as possible, are extremely polite (which surprised me!), and have it so that the person you begin to work with is the person that you’ll work with until the issue is resolved. You’re not being passed from one worker to the next and I really liked that aspect. The only problem with their customer service is that many things aren’t always in stock, so if you’re waiting on a specific replacement or something like that, it’s really slow. Otherwise, at the end of the day you can tell that they care about their customers and are willing to help.

Battery Life: 4/5

Bellabeat advertises that their trackers have approximately 6 months of battery life which is amazing for a tracker! This is part of the reason why I got my Leaf Urban. I tend to forget to charge my stuff. Unfortunately, my batteries have never lasted more than about 4 months at a time before I need to replace it even if I turn off all my alarms in my settings.

Final Thoughts

The Leaf Urban out in the wild.

For what it is, I really enjoy my Bellabeat Leaf Urban. It’s fashionable, functional, accurate, easy to use, and almost everything that I really need. The only three big downfalls is the fact that it it doesn’t track heart rate, the vibrations could be missed, and it doesn’t yet link to any websites to help you track your steps and health (i.e. MyFitnessPal). While I would really like a tracker that has a heart rate monitor, the Bellabeat was more than sufficient.

Overall, Bellabeat works for me and I really enjoy using it. I love that it looks like a regular piece of jewelry that people compliment on rather than ask about how many steps I’ve done. The only reason I’d let it go, reluctantly, is the need for a heart rate monitor.

More Information

What Does the Bellabeat Leaf Come With?

What comes with the Bellabeat Leaf now is different from what my Bellabeat Leaf Urban came with back in 2017. Today the tracker comes with an active bracelet (made of silicone rubber), an infinity necklace, and a battery replacement tool. The battery replacement tool isn’t just great to help replace the battery every 4-6 months, but also helpful if you use your tracker in its clip form. If it gets too bent out of shape, you can easily take off the hypoallergenic stainless steel clip from the wood composite tracker and bend it back against the tracker so it would be good as new.

If you have a tracker from before they changed out the bracelet, you probably got the “Anthracite Bracelet” which was made of genuine leather and the one that is seen in most of my pictures. I don’t think it was every addressed, but the reason for the change was probably due to the fact that the rating for the silicone was higher and was more useful for active-wear. Being silicone it is easy to wash whereas the leather would soak in the sweat from workout sessions. However, I much prefer wearing the leather band when I’m out and about.

Are There Different Styles?

Bellabeat has created three styles. Leaf Nature, Leaf Urban, and the Impulse. While the Impulse is a limited edition clip that pairs with the Leaf Urban, the Leaf Nature and Leaf Urban are their two permanent styles. Plus, these styles are able to be customized if you so choose. Trackers come in different colors and can be paired with different colored clips that come in silver, rose gold, and gold. They are always coming up with new styles to add to their collection, so check with the website for their latest styles and trends!

Considered a limited edition clip design that fits the tracker for Leaf Urban, this design is sleek and sophisticated. Image from Bellabeat’s official Facebook page
Bellabeat’s Leaf Nature promises a beautiful design that brings one with nature. Image from Bellabeat’s official Facebook page











If you want to buy a Bellabeat Leaf on their official website, it can set you back $119.00 (Leaf Nature) to $139.00 (Leaf Urban) excluding shipping. However, if you aren’t in a rush, they tend to have a few sales during the year that is anywhere from 10%-25% off or more if you’re lucky. It’s definitely an investment and might be worth it.


Do you think the Bellabeat Leaf is right for you? Have you tried it? Let us know your thoughts and questions below!

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