Giddy Goats’ Favorite Fall Activities!

Listicles are back! After a small hiatus over summer we’re back at it, this month’s listicle is our favorite fall activities. Let us know what you love about fall and what your favorite thing to do in the season is in the comments below!

Corn Mazes (Air)


Back in my teenage days, one fall activity I did a lot was going to corn mazes with friends or a youth group. It was always a blast running around, often in the twilight hours, scaring each other, and getting scared! Of course there was always hay bale rides, hot apple cider, and pumpkin treats waiting just outside the corn maze too.

Fall Decorating (Ali)

Halloween Decor

The minute Labor Day is over, my family is busy putting together elaborate plans for Halloween (if we haven’t planned it the year before), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Not only are there complicated decorations, but we have coordinating costumes and crazy pumpkin carvings/arrangements that we do together as a family. Family fun, lots of creativity, and I make themed delicious treats to keep us going. What’s not to love??

Football (Emador)

Source: 2018 college football championship

Fall means football! There’s nothing I love more about fall than enjoying a Saturday afternoon watching the Crimson Tide or the Oregon Ducks play. I normally have a crochet project on my lap as I cheer on my teams.

Chili Cookoff (Gypsy)


There are many aspects of fall I enjoy but chili is most definitely one of them. For several years now both the social aspect and the food itself has become something I look forward to – whether in the form of a cook off or just simply getting together with a group of friends over some homemade chili and apple cider to enjoy the crisp autumn weather.

Apple/pumpkin picking (Tara)


There’s something about getting your pumpkins from a patch that makes the fall season come alive. I love wandering through all the imperfect plants and finding interesting and unique pumpkins (and carving some of them later). Apple picking in the crisp autumn air with family or friends is just a good time, and fresh apples off the tree have a delicious quality that is often missing from store-bought apples. Bonus points go to either of these activities if there is a booth of hot apple cider nearby!



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