To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Book Review)

What would you do if all the love letters (and anti-love letters) that you wrote to all your crushes, that you only meant for yourself, got mysteriously sent, mailed out to each and every one of your loves?  You’d die a little bit inside and just want to crawl under a rock forever, right? Yeah, I would, too! After freaking out, and wallowing a little bit, I’d want to do as much damage control as I could.  Which, if I were the main character in the book ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before‘, would start with going over to my next door neighbor’s house and trying to get the letter I sent him back before he even saw it (Yes, illegal as that might be, I would try my hardest to get it back…)!  C’MON, Lara Jean, what were you thinking?! Lol Anyways, a few days after one of the most popular boys at school, Peter Kavinsky, receives his letter, both he and Lara Jean come up with the brilliant plan to pretend to date each other in order to make some of the people in their lives jealous.  What could possibly go wrong, right?


Overall, I really loved this book especially since both Lara Jean and I LOVE stationery and writing letters!  I also enjoyed seeing her relationship with her family and the bond she had with her sisters change and grow throughout the book.  Seeing Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship grow was really cute to watch unfold and I really thought they were fun and cute together.  It was also really nice to see her father trying to keep and incorporate some of the girls’ Korean heritage into their lives. Even if his cooking didn’t always turn out the way they were supposed to!  XD

My one major annoyance with the book was towards the end when her older sister, Margot, handled a certain situation which made their father lose his trust towards Lara Jean.  All because Margot was hurt and upset with Lara Jean so she lashed out at her. Which was kind of aggravating. And I know this is a YA novel and the characters are in their teens so they’re all still a little bit immature, but I would’ve liked a little more communication between all the characters especially between Peter and Lara Jean.  Even between Lara Jean and her sisters, actually.

Besides that, this was a fast and fun read and I can’t wait to watch the movie adaptation on Netflix now!  I’ve heard really great things about the movie and it was really difficult to not watch the movie first before finishing the book!  So, I’m really looking forward to being able to jump into watching the movie finally!!  If you read or have already watched the movie, what did you think?  Team Peter or Team Josh?


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