Giddy Goats’ Favorite Candies

The Giddy Goats share their favorite candies for this month’s listicle! What’s your favorite candy? Ready to get all that Halloween candy on sale after October 31st?!



Salted (or sweetened) black licorice (usually… can also be brown), a dutch candy you have to grow up with to love!

Jolly RanchersSpecifically the hard candy variety! Watermelon is my favorite!


A go to snack to have in the movie theatres besides popcorn for me!


Strawberry Pocky

This toes the line between a cookie vs. a candy, but these were my go-to every time we went to the Asian stores (until I realized they were in regular stores too).

Soft CaramelsWhile some people like to chew the caramels, I like to stick it to the roof of my mouth and enjoy it for a longer period of time. Who doesn’t like caramels??

Peanut M&Ms and Mini M&Msmm_peanut_solo

Perfect ratio of crunch vs. chocolate. Yum… I love things that can crunch. Crunchy outside.


Swedish Fish

Sour Patch Kids

Candy Sticks 

Reese’s Pieces

Chocolate and peanut butter is the nectar of the gods. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

Milk Duds51zbpa2g-wl

My favorite movie theater candy. I like to suck the chocolate off, giving the caramel a chance to melt just a bit.

Salt Water Taffy

Anytime I visit a coast town, I always leave with a huge bag of this stuff. Even the terrible flavors are delicious.


Fun DipA childhood camp favorite of mine that takes me down memory lane!

Cow Talesvanilla-cow-talesPeanut Butter M&MsAlso my dad’s favorite – a bag of these never lasts long under our roof.


Sweethearts Mini ChewyUnfortunately not vegan, these were once my favorite candy to grab for a movie or game night with friends. Crossing fingers I find a vegan version or they change ingredients soon!

Lemonheadslemonhead_31g-american-sweetsAnything lemon flavored is the key to my heart. Love these little bursts of sweet-sour goodness.

Original Skittles900When I have a sweet tooth craving (which I don’t often—more of a savory person), these are my go-to last minute grab in the store check out.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite candy is!


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