To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Netflix Movie)

Alright, so since last month I read and talked about the book, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (you can read my book review of it HERE), I couldn’t wait any longer so I immediately went and watched the movie of it on Netflix!  So, with that being said, here’s your warning now: This review of the movie will probably contain spoilers of both the movie and the book, so if you haven’t read or watched them yet and you don’t want to be spoiled you should probably sit this one out, but come back later when you have, so we can share thoughts and talk about it in the comments!  

They did make a few changes from the book, but the changes they did make, made sense and I thought added to the movie instead of being distracting and taking away from the story. 

Lara Jean/Peter – car accident scene changed:


In the book: while on her way to the mall to meet up with her friend Chris, Lara Jean gets into a car accident.  She’s shaken up and upset and calls her friend/crush/older sister’s recent ex-boyfriend, Josh, to come help her. Before Josh can get there Peter ends up driving up to the scene and see’s, Lara Jean.  He stops to see what happened, if she’s okay and if she needs any help. He stays with her for a few minutes and tries to calm her down before she gives him the okay to leave her because Josh is already on his way.

In the movie: it’s the end of their first day back at school and Lara Jean picks up her younger sister, Kitty, from school and starts to back up the car out of the parking space without checking behind her almost hitting Peter.  I thought this scene made more sense for the movie and I thought it was a cute and funny exchange they had afterward and a completely relatable moment. Both Lara Jean and I are nervous drivers, that’s for sure.

Different motivation(s) for the letters being sent out by Kitty:


Book: Kitty got upset with Lara Jean when Lara Jean was teasing her about her crush on Margot’s boyfriend, so she sent the letters out of spite to embarrass Lara Jean.

Movie: She found and sent the letters out of sisterly love in the hopes that Lara Jean could find love and to spice things up in her sister’s life.  

Lara Jean and Peter have a deep heart-to-heart conversation in the movie.


This was an important scene for me and I’m really glad that they added this in.  Lara Jean and Peter talk about their parents. Lara Jean’s mother passed away when she was a kid and Peter’s parents are divorced and his dad hardly has anything to do with Peter and his younger brother because he has moved on and has a new family now.  This scene strengthened their bond and made them see each other in a different light.

Josh was more tolerable in the movie than in the book and towards the end of the movie actually gave Lara Jean some insightful advice.


He may not have liked Peter but he respected that Peter finally stuck up for Lara Jean at school (pertaining to the “hot tub” video) and if Lara Jean was happy while with Peter, then he was going to be supportive of it and be there for her as a friend.  He also told Lara Jean that she had to start telling people how she felt when she felt it instead of always writing secret letters. Starting with Peter if she wanted a real relationship with him.

There are some other differences but these are the ones that stood out to me the most!  

Another thing that I loved about this adaptation, was all of Lara Jean’s cute outfits and wardrobe!  So adorable, I want all the things that she wore! And now I want to try that cool Korean yogurt, as well!  It looked and sounded so yummy!

Like I said before, I really did adore this book-to-movie adaptation.  I thought Netflix really did do a great job, but one of my (very few) complaints about this movie was that it seemed so short!  It left me wanting MORE! My other complaint is … WHERE’S THE SEQUEL?! WHY HASN’T THE SECOND MOVIE BEEN ANNOUNCED YET?!?! They hinted at it and opened it up during the ending credits!  So, why isn’t it official yet?! This first one has been doing really well and is being well received, so hopefully, we’ll get a second movie and it’ll be announced soon!

Okay, well I think that’s it for me this time!  Have you watched this movie yet? What did you think of it?  Let’s gush and fangirl about it in the comments!


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