Giddy Goats’ Favorite Holiday Traditions!

It’s that time of year! We’re all busy running around and getting things done, but I think we’ll all confess we love the holidays, and we all have a handful of traditions that make it special! Here are a few of our personal favorites!

Air: Making kerstkrans with my parents
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I have a ton of fond holiday traditions but I think one of my favorites was making kerstkrans with my parents, it’s my mom’s old family recipe and they’d spend a whole day making so many krestkans — almond pastry wreaths (some to have for ourselves and some to give away to friends and family)! I’d help were I could, and usually it was my job to deliver them to the neighbors — I’m know for a fact it was a favorite holiday treat of on my neighbors. For a recipe check out our holiday listicle last year, it’s at the end of the list but there are many other yummy recipes there too! Click here.

Ali: Decorating the Christmas Tree
Photo credit: Ali

My family is very tight-knit and have many traditions, but one of my favorites is decorating the Christmas tree. We like to put on Christmas music on the radio, sing along, bake, and put up the decorations all at once! It doesn’t take very long since my family is large, but it’s a lot of fun doing it all together and it kicks off the season on a positive note.

Emador: Slivovitz toast
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Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, my dad’s cousin would pass around shots of  Slivovitz (a Serbian plum brandy), and my grandpa would say a prayer in Serbian and his sister would translate into English. After the prayer, everyone would toast and drink the brandy.  Now that all the members of that generation in our family have passed, my dad and his cousin do the prayer and translation.

Gypsy: Christmas Tree Pickle
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Ever since childhood my brother has been interested in the German culture. It all started one Christmas we both received CD players. Among the CDs we were given was a few discs on how to speak German. He took off learning and developed a passion for it. Over the years we adopted a family tradition from Germany of hiding a pickle ornament on our tree. The first to find it on Christmas morning is the first to open a gift.

Tara: Christmas Eve “Program”

Every Christmas Eve my parents prodded my brother and I into making a “program” for them and anyone else visiting for Christmas. We’d write Christmas-themed songs and poems and skits and perform them, often with a printed program and snacks that we’d hand out to our parents as they filed into the living room. Our backdrop was always the Christmas tree and a piano bench that we covered in a blanket, beneath which we hid our props. We continued this tradition until I moved out of the house but fortunately (or unfortunately? haha) my family has the recordings from every single year and we now spend Christmas Eve rewatching our favorites. Lots of good, silly memories!


What are you favorite holiday traditions?
Let us know in the comments below, and we hope you have
a wonderful holiday season! ❤

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