Giddy Goats’ Goals for 2019!

January, that time of year where people consider the past year and the new year! Where a lot of us come up with resolutions to make or break, or we come up with goals to aim for! The Giddy Goat gal’s came up with a few goals for themselves for focus on this year and here they are!


Do more Bookbinding

I love bookbinding, but I often don’t give myself the time to do it. This year I want that to be different and I’ve already got plans in place to make sure it happens!

Complete PhD Proposal

I’ve just finished my comprehensive exam, and passed! Next in my PhD comes a proposal (20-40 pages), and I hope to have it done by the end of term (April)!

Edit novel with Tara

Tara and I are so close to finishing draft of a novel together and we’re planning to edit it this year sometime. I am beyond excited!


Yoga and/or Pilates at least 2 times a week

After being recommended to me by various doctors to keep fit and mindful during the times when I’m not able to do more intense workouts, I began this last year and decided to make it an official part of my weekly fitness plans.

Improve photography and photo editing skills

I love taking photos and working on fun angles, but there’s still a lot to learn and improve on! Looking forward to taking classes and working to take my skills to the next level.

Complete a 1000 piece puzzle or two 

Having sat on my shelves for a few years, my Disney Signature Puzzles are demanding some attention. Hoping to finish 1-2 of them and have them put up on our walls to decorate the place.


Read 35 books 

I’m trying to get through the massive TBR shelf in my room!

Complete a 5k 

Even if I walk the whole time, I want to complete one, via the Potterhead Running Club (formerly Hogwarts Running Club).

Pay off Bachelor’s degree 

2019 will mark 10 years of graduating, and I want to finally pay off my student loan!


Try one new thing for each year I’ve been alive and write about it.

Basically, journal more in general. I’d like to journal at least a short entry several times a week. Throughout the year though I would like to actively be looking for new experiences.

Earn my CDA (Child Development Associates Certificate)

I’m an assistant teacher at a preschool. After finishing the CDA course, I hope to become a lead teacher.

Start/finish 2 scrapbooks. One for my camp years and one for the trip to NYC last year.

This is very ambitious for me since I love the idea of scrapbooking and yet rarely do it. However, it’s a goal I would like to strive for!


WRITING: Finish and Query a Novel

This is definitely my top goal for this year—to finish revisions on my current novel in the next several months and query soon after!

HEALTH: Daily Exercise

I love zumba, running, and yoga, and would like to start making some changes to do at least one of those things every weekday.

MIND: Leave the House (For Fun) Once a Week

This is going to sound like the silliest goal in the world to some people, but with my stay-at-home job I have become quite the secluded hermit these last few years. So I’m making an effort this year to get out of my house for reasons other than appointments, errands, and meetings (specifically out in nature, if I can!) Can you tell I’m an introvert? Haha.

What are your goals for 2019? Let us know in the comments! 


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