Detroit City

Hello Readers!

If you remember back to the very beginning of my blogging with the Giddy Goat’s, I spoke about growing up a “gypsy”, living from one state to the next. I have been in Detroit for a little over two years now. I lived here once before when I was seventeen and while it’s where my dad grew up, I didn’t appreciate it nearly as much back then. I was a country girl, aching for corn fields and the wide starry sky. Sometimes I still miss the country life but I have grown to like Detroit a lot.

I always found the history of this city interesting and our melting pot of cultures, but I didn’t realize just how much until after visiting New York City last year. Granted, NYC is much bigger and louder, I appreciated the similarities I could find between the two.

I don’t know yet how often, or if there will even be much of an interest from our readership, but throughout 2019 I would like to dive into Detroit more and write about it, posting something here or there about this city. Tidbits of history, culture, and neat places to see if you’re ever in the area. I don’t have a specific place to highlight at the moment, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few facts I didn’t know until recently:


Detroit Salt Mine

Did you know Detroit has a salt mine underneath it? About 1200 feet below the city lies 100 miles of Detroit Salt Company roads spread over 1500 acres.

According to Detroit Daily, we’re the only city with a floating post office in America. It started as a maritime reporting agency and in 1948 became a complete post office.

Something else I found interesting is that our theater district is the second largest in the country, beat only by New York City.

As the year goes on I hope to get out there to explore more and share my findings as I go.

Until next time,


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