Belated Goals

Normally I’m not one to make goals, like for New Year’s, but there have been a few things that I’ve been wanting to do and get better at.  So, I thought now’s a better time than never, so why not start now?!

Lately, I haven’t been reading as much as I want to.  Partly due to a slight reading slump, I guess, and not making the time to actually read.  So, I want to try and read more again. I also want to start broadening my reading tastes and read more and different genres than just YA all the time.  I still love YA, but in order to help improve my own writing, some of my favorite authors recommend reading different books both in the genre you’re writing in and also other genres.  So, reading-wise these are some of the things I want to work on:


  • Read more
  • Start reading different genres (a little of everything)
  • Read shorter works/fiction (Short stories, poems)
  • Read more graphic novels and manga

I just mentioned my own writing and besides writing a blog post every month, I haven’t really been working on any of my other writing projects/novels so I would like to change that and try getting in the habit of writing regularly, even trying to write (something, ANYTHING) every day!  These are some of the things I’d like to focus on:


  • Start using prompts
  • Start working on short stories
  • Pick one of my novel ideas and start chipping away at it again
  • Maybe attempt writing some Fan Fiction for fun

I’ve also wanted to get involved with other creative hobbies, as well, and with fellow Giddy Goat Air, my boyfriend, and a few of our other friends starting to stream things on Twitch recently has inspired me even more so and I want to start getting involved, too!


  • Work on and learn to draw/paint/watercolor
  • Start Bullet Journaling
  • Find and stick with a craft, like felting or crocheting

And lastly, I’ve been wanting to learn a new language for the last couple of years now.  I’ve always wanted to learn Italian and Sign Language and more recently Japanese and Korean!  I’ve wanted to learn Japanese for a little bit now, one of the reasons being, so I can watch anime without having to read and rely on the subtitles and I want to start learning Korean now because this past July I got into the K-Pop boy band BTS!  I want to be able to understand what they’re saying on their reality/variety show (Run BTS!), interviews, music videos, and songs on my own without having to look up translations or subtitles. I also want to learn more about South Korean culture!


  • Learn Korean (Maybe attempt all three lol but mainly focus on Korean)
  • Learn Sign Language
  • Watch anime
  • Start watching K-dramas
  • Learn about different cultures

Okay!  I think that’s all I have for this month!  Do you have any goals you want to start working on throughout the year, as well?  If you do, please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear them! It’s never too late to start some goals so let’s get to them together!  We can do it!



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  1. Nice stuff Brogums! I actually think sometimes setting goals at odd times can make them more motivating. If you set a goal for the new year, sometimes that makes you feel like you have ‘all year’ to do them.

    I think your goal to read some shorter works goes well with your goal to read more outside your usual genres, then you can even get a little taste of a bunch of things.

    It was my goal to learn Japanese to watch anime without subtitles for soo long, I did a whole three years of university and never got there! Languages are hard, yo! But I still feel like what I have learned has coloured my anime watching, so I get a little more cultural tone to small changes in word-endings and common sayings, things like that. (Also, occasionally, mild frustration that, ‘that’s not how I would have translated that’. xD You win some, you lose some.) So I bet even if you didn’t become fluent in Korean you’d get to pick up so much interesting stuff, including some better understanding of the culture.

    I have had so many deadline-related goals lately, I haven’t even sat down this year to really think about what I want to achieve in terms of milestones — so I’m a bit belated, just like you. I really enjoyed setting writing-related goals in the past, like that month I tried to short a short story every week, or that month I tried to work through my backlog of hand-written notes (lol, I made a dent, at least). So your note about writing prompts has the gears turning again… Maybe I’ll do a goal to write to a prompt once every week on Sundays. Let me know if you want in, we can keep each other accountable!

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