Cord Cutting

If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you’ll know: I love TV and I love movies.  I’m not sure how I could survive without either one of those.  Whenever I’m home, I’ve got the TV on as background noise. That habit really started when I lived alone and it felt weird to move about my space in silence.  Having a TV show running made it feel a little less lonely.

Recently, my household decided to get rid of cable.


I know. I know.

But what I’ve learned is that I’ve barely noticed it.

Looking at the money alone, we were probably spending $100-$150/month on cable (that doesn’t include the Internet service), and we had no premium channels (no Showtime, no HBO, no Starz, no Cinemax).  Sure, with cable there’s a lot of things OnDemand, some things are free, you can rent new movies.  But you’re still often constrained by TV schedules.  You’re going to watch or record a program when they air it.  period.

What we did was move to Netflix ($7.99), Hulu + Live ($39.99), HBONow ($14.99), and Amazon Prime ($60/year ~ $5/month, thanks to student discount).  That’s $68/month.  I also get free Showtime due to a promotion with my Spotify Premium account ($5/month thanks to student discount), though we rarely watch it.

With those subscriptions, I can watch whatever I want whenever I want it.  There are a few more restrictions when it comes to new released because of contracts and licensing with the different streaming services.  NBC shows are also a pain to get sometimes because NBC is owned by Comcast, which is a cable company.  However, with Hulu + Live, you can DVR shows that air on any of the channels, even if they’re not available through the regular streaming services.  So whenever The Middle is on FreeForm, you know I’m recording it.


The only downside to cutting cable is if you bundle your Internet and cable because as soon as you cut the cord, the cable company will charge you more for your Internet.

That all being said, are my TV viewing habits much different now that I don’t have cable?


I still pretty much only watch…





That’s it.

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