Giddy Goats’ Favorite Love Songs

We’re a little late on February’s listicle! But better late than never! As February is home to Valentine’s day, we made a list of some of our favorite love songs! ❤


Tell Him – Celine Dion & Barbra Streisand

I love the softness of this song and the way Celine and Barbra’s voice meld together, Celine’s character seeks for help in love and Barbra gives advice.

Borderline – Chris de Burgh

This is more of a sad love song, but I have fond memories of my mom playing it often and it’s one you can just belt out emotionally, the singer must choose between his love for his country and his woman.


Spring Day – BTS

When I first listened/watched the music video for this song, I thought it was about a long distance relationship and longing for the other person.  Boy was I a little off! But I still love this song and still consider it a bittersweet love song.


This is such a fun, colorful, and upbeat love song, it’s definitely a bop!  It’s basically saying that it’s love at first sight, it’s in their DNA that they were meant to be together and it’s not a coincidence that they’ve found each other.  Aaww so sweet!


Then you can tell me goodbye by The Casinos

At first blush, it seems like a sad song, since the refrain is, “then if it don’t work out, then you can tell me goodbye.”  A deeper look at the lyrics, specifically the bridge, brings the romance out, “If you must go, oh no, I won’t grieve/If you wait a lifetime before you leave.”

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Beautiful lyrics and Elvis’ voice makes this hugely popular for weddings, not to mention an utterly romantic song.  

Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra

A song about a man who feels like he’s flying on the moon by just holding his lady’s hand? So sweet.


Come What May – Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge)

My favorite music is very sweeping and orchestral (as you’ll see from my next two songs especially); this one hits that perfect mix of a dramatic score and deeply earnest vocals that I love.

Monkey’s Story – Dario Marianelli (Kubo and the Two Strings)

I’m a sucker for almost any soundtrack music that weaves through a scene about love—this one perfectly encapsulates a sweet and quiet love that just grows and grows forever.

Houses of Healing – Howard Shore feat. Liv Tyler (The Return of the King)

This probably hardly qualifies as a love song, but it is beautiful and magical and ethereal and I love it.

Did we mention your favorite long song? If we didn’t feel free to share in the comments!

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