Puzzle Me This

When I was a kid, I always knew that I wanted to have Disney decorations in my future home. Disney runs deep in my family, and our dedication is pretty legit. So when I was designing my future home in my head, I was already busy trying to decide how to include Disney into the decor. I had the obvious things picked out – sofa shams, little tsum tsums, crystal glass Disney characters, a sticker decal for the toilet seat that had Olaf and the quote “Let it Go”… but I wanted something more.

I read an article back in 2017 that talked about why people loved IKEA furniture. It wasn’t because they were easy to put together (uh… are there supposed to be extra screws and pieces?), but it was the fact that people felt accomplished and successful after they put the furniture together on their own. It was a sense of pride that they had because they were able to assemble the famous IKEA item. They spent time and effort into the project and was more invested. So, this got me thinking. If people took pride in taking time to put something together and loved it more because of that, perhaps I should also get something similar. Something that my future husband and I could put together during a date night (or nights) and we could look at fondly for the years to come.

My friends, this innocent thought turned into a problem.

On my 2016 trip to Disney World I decided to get a 1,000 piece Lion King puzzle for my high school boyfriend. Knowing The Lion King was his favorite movie as a kid, I wanted something that would allow him to be just as invested into the puzzle as I would be. I brought it home and excitedly gave it to him as his souvenir. We said we would complete it within a few months. Spoiler alert: This didn’t happen. Then, in 2017, I found a Disney set of four puzzles in one box. Each one was 500 pieces. I reasoned that one 500 piece puzzle was going to be easier to do than 1,000 pieces. If it was split into the four puzzles, it was less intimidating! Soon that box too found its way to my fiancé’s hands and was placed in the “To Complete” puzzle pile that was slowly growing. At the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, my fiancé gifted me a beautiful acrylic puzzle set that included Gigi from my favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service, which was produced by Studio Ghibli. In that time from 2016 to early 2018, I was also sent a Harry Potter puzzle, other Disney puzzles, and some other ones I don’t even remember off the top of my head since they are still in storage. It still confuses me on how this happened since I was pretty sure I kept the puzzle buying to myself, but the more the merrier!

I’m always open for a challenge and for getting through projects. Since I’m newly married to my high-school-boyfriend-turned-fiance-turned-husband, I know that I’m going to include him even though I’m sure it’s not quite what he had in mind for a date night since no movie or cooking is involved. For those who know, one of my goals for 2019 was to complete four large puzzles with him. Now that we have our own place in the city and are settled in, I wanted to really find time to work on our puzzle collection and get them up on the walls to make the place more homey, more ours.

I’m not quite sure what puzzles will officially make the cut to appearing on our walls, we only have so much wall space, but I’m hoping that by the end of the year we’ll have new things to look at and admire.

Here’s to being puzzle masters by the end of 2019!

We’ll post our progress on our Instagram, so stay tuned!

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