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F0TwUFDYXyjEiYFDljNMHi! My name is Air! I’m a bookbinder, PhD student in Library and Information sciences, and cat lover (stereo-typically so!). On this blog, you’ll find me writing about the things I enjoy and have an interest in! Some things you’ll hear from me on are: writing, board games, D&D, and other random things!

Writing has always been a big part of my life. Give me something to write with as a child and I’d be writing on anything and everything. My name was written on my parent’s bedroom wall for years because I had used permanent marker.  Oops! Now writing takes up most of my free time, whether it’s through role-play, or working on my own novels. Aside from writing I love playing D&D and just started my hand at being a DM. I also enjoy board games and all things historical (specifically the Victorian/Edwardian era and particularly in old New York City).

I enjoy star-gazing, mythology, steampunk things, circus-y things, and old books. If I were good at science, I’d have become a mortician. A favorite book of mine is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. My favorite color to eat is orange!



Ellos! My name is Jess, but I usually go by Ali. My day job consists of world developing and being a wielder of multicolored pens (in other words, I’m a freelance writer and editor)! I’m also fondly known as ‘the guinea pig whisperer’ since I also blog and train guinea pigs in my free time. I enjoy keeping busy and doing anything that acts as an outlet for my creative mind. Whether it is writing, lucid dreaming, sketching, creating adaptations, singing, knitting, or etc, the sky really is the limit for me. For book genres? I am a huge fan of fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopias – especially when these genres collide!

Besides being a general busybody, I spend a lot of my time enjoying the small things in life, reading, journaling, volunteering at rescues, playing Neverwinter (an MMORPG) with my friends and family, and keeping up with all the movies I want to see (no Disney/Pixar movie is safe!).

The book that officially got my mindset to turn to novel-writing is “The Supernaturalist” by Eoin Colfer. My favorite Harry Potter book is “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (for a multitude of reasons). My greatest weakness? Fries or tater tots. I mean, who doesn’t love them?? My real life superpower is being able to hear when a soda is opened – from anywhere in the house – even if I’m asleep. If I was a mythical creature, I’d be a water-loving pocket dragon. 


sjbfyxfzpigzjcdnfhqs.pngHey there I’m Brogums (Brog-ums not Bro-gums)! Ever since a young age I have grown to love both reading books and trying my hand at writing them. Ever since I discovered “BookTube” about two years ago it has inspired me to read a lot more and write book reviews or even start vlogging too (YA is my JAM!), but it can be a bit intimidating to start. That’s why being a part of this blog with some of my writer friends will be a great start for me and get my foot in the door!

I mostly see myself writing book reviews on here, but there’s a ton more things that interest me and I’m a fan of some fandoms so occasionally you might see me write about those as well, such as: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, and of course anything Harry Potter related, and few other fandoms too!


emHey there, I’m Emador.  I’m an Educational Assistant at an elementary school and an MLIS student by day and a fangirl by night.  I was a middle/high school teacher for eight years and for six of those I was an elementary librarian.  In the summer of 2017, I left my job and hometown, moved to the Pacific Northwest, and started grad school.  I do not have a cat, nor am I necessarily a “cat lover,” but I do have a souvenir spoon collection.

My interests span many areas – books (both reading and writing), Disney, football, history, TV, and movies.  From my posts, you’re going to get a little bit of everything!

“Troll the respawn, Jeremy.”



Hello, I’m Gypsy! I’m a writer and also a Paparazzi consultant alongside my mom selling jewelry. I have a love for writing, reading, coffee and tea, music, art, yarn, hats, history, New York City, animals, camping and the outdoors, traveling, photography, journaling, spending time with my family, overcoming challenges, and trying new things.



TtFqKrgTeH7Rs_CltYx8And hello from me! I’m Tara, hopeful imaginateur and aspiring wordsmith. I absolutely love stories of all varieties and am eagerly working toward crafting my own. As a wee young lass I actually wanted to be an artist, but that all changed thanks to my fantastic 7th Grade teacher, Mrs. Clark. Ever since her encouraging comment on one of my (no-doubt appalling) short stories, I have wanted to be a writer. (Shout out to teachers everywhere, you are an inspiration!)

Currently I live out this dream in non-creative capacity through my job as a history blogger. And after years of putting off writing (for fear of it not being perfect) I am now writing daily, a goal that took me over fifteen years to achieve. Sharing my writing still makes me tense, but I’m learning to accept my blunders as stepping stones to better quality writing.

I love history and art, singing, video games, D&D, Celtic mythology, Arthurian legend, and, of course, reading. YA and MG Fantasy is my go-to–Graceling (Kristin Cashore), Ella Enchanted (Gail Carson Levine), The Chronicles of Prydain (Lloyd Alexander) and A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L’Engle) are some of my all-time favorite books.

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